Author FAQs

What’s your favorite book so far?

This one's a toss-up, but I'm very proud Bad Girl by Night, followed by Voyeur and The Bikini Diaries, all from Penguin Putnam. Although I write my books in what I think of as "a fantasy zone," readers will find that these more recent books feel a little more like reality in certain aspects, and I had fun weaving more complex plots than in my earlier novels. Bad Girl by Night in particular covers some new territory compared to my previous books, and I was very compelled by the story. 

That said, I still love my very first book, French Quarter. I wrote it when a friend suggested I try my hand at erotica, so it was a new journey for me, in which I attempted to give readers a full and complete sensual experience. I sold it three days after submitting it to my publisher, which is VERY rare in the publishing business, so that made it fun, too!

How long does it take you to write a book?

This depends upon the book. I’ve written books of all different lengths, so that’s definitely a factor. Usually, though, I’d say anywhere been a few weeks and a couple of months.

Why are many of your books currently unavailable?

I have received the rights from many of my early books back from my publisher, and I hope to make them available again in the coming months. 

Where can I get your books?

My books published by Penguin Putnam can generally be found at Barnes & Noble stores, shelved in the romance section. If you don’t see them, please ask the store to order them for you. And ebook versions of these books are also available through Amazon, BN.com, iBooks, Kobo, and other online bookstores, as well as at the publisher’s website. My books published by Samhain are available as ebooks through the publisher's websites and most are available on Kindle and through many other online ebook sellers. My self-published stories are currently only available in ebook through Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo. Links to buy all the books can be found on each book’s page here on my website.

Are Lacey's stories true or fiction?

Definitely fiction, rooted in the concept of encouraging women to explore their sexual fantasies. I'm afraid most people would find me rather tame in real life.

How do you write so convincingly about things you've never experienced?

As a writer, it's my job to have a good imagination and convince the reader I know what I'm talking about.

Where do you get your ideas?

As indicated by the Hot in the City trilogy, travel often inspires me. And I've really enjoyed linking stories together in series thus far. Even Hot for Santa ended up being related to the Hot in the City books, when Amy and Cole made a rather significant appearance in Key West. So I've found I really enjoy weaving stories for significant side characters - another case in point would be Ty from French Quarter, who got his own tale in Behind the Mask. Voyeur, as well, was spawned while on a vacation to the Colorado home featured in the book. In the H.O.T. Cops books, travel to Michigan and Miami both came into play when choosing and incorporating settings.

Do you enjoy hearing from readers?

If you're kind enough to take the time to let me know you've enjoyed one or more of my books - yes, that really makes my day. If, on the other hand, you're a man who wants to make lewd suggestions or tell me how hot my books got you, that's just creepy, so please resist the urge.