French Quarter


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An unbelievably erotic tale… an exceptionally arousing story.
— Jennifer A., Romance Junkies, on French Quarter

French Quarter

The decadence of Bourbon Street is 
beckoning …

When prim, proper Liz Marsh suspects her fiancé is cheating on her, she’s almost too embarrassed to hire a P.I. to prove it. And when she gathers her courage and walks into Jack Wade’s office, she has no idea he’ll be the sexiest man she’s ever encountered, nor that his light Cajun accent will make her tingle in all the wrong—or is that right?—places.

After Jack brings her questionable yet undeniably arousing evidence, the only solution is for Liz to get a closer look with her own eyes. And Jack is more than happy to show her everything she’s been missing. One night in the French Quarter’s entrancing red light district, and Liz finds herself caught up in the sensual allure of an erotic new atmosphere and the sudden, urgent need to experience it for herself—with Jack.

Jack’s normally a keep-it-casual guy, but as nights with Liz get hotter, so do Jack’s feelings for the sensual woman in his arms. Bourbon Street decadence beckons and Liz embarks on a sizzling journey of sexual awakening that has her more willing to shed her inhibitions minute by carnal minute. But someone else has noticed her insatiable appetite for sensual adventure, someone who’s just beginning to realize what he’s lost—and who’s determined to tear Jack and Liz apart…

Book Notes

  • The Hot in the City series started out to be a single book, French Quarter. But before Lacey knew it, she had a trilogy on her hands!
  • Be sure to check out the other books in the Hot in the City trilogy: Sin City and Key West.
  • Check out the cover for the original release and the paperback edition of French Quarter.

Honors & Awards

  • Romance Junkies 5 Blue Ribbon rating
  • Featured as a "Recommended Read" by A Road to Romance and Fallen Angel Reviews
  • Recommended on’s Beach Reads lists
  • Featured on the Lovin' in Louisiana site


"Read this can’t-put-down book!” ~Trish, Night Owl Reviews, REVIEWER TOP PICK

“French Quarter is extremely wicked and hotter than Cajun spice! If you enjoy hot sex and passion in The Big Easy then French Quarter will give you what you want and more. The hero and heroine... enjoy decadent pleasures to the fullest but in the end true love abounds with a very satisfying conclusion. If you ever wanted to experience the wickedness of the sins to be had in New Orleans this story will give you a taste you will not soon forget. L'aissez les bon temps roulez... let the good times roll.” ~Lovin' in Louisiana

“Alexander ignites the pages with Book 1 of her Hot in the City trilogy. This promises to be one of those rare series where the reader is immediately ravenous for the next installment. (A) deliciously decadent story.” ~Susan Mitchell, Romantic Times Bookclub, 4 STARS

“FRENCH QUARTER is an unbelievably erotic tale that takes place in the sultry setting of New Orleans.  Lacey Alexander writes an exceptionally arousing story. Even though many scenes are extremely explicit, I found that Ms. Alexander wrote them in a very tasteful way. The incredible magnetism between Liz and Jack combined with their sizzling sexual adventures made FRENCH QUARTER one of the hottest and sexiest stories I have ever read.” ~Jennifer A., Romance Junkies, 5 BLUE RIBBONS

“Lacey Alexander has written an enticing story about the awakening of two people. The sights, sounds, and places are as real as if you were there. FRENCH QUARTER is an outstanding book without equal and I would highly recommend it to those in the market for an adventure like none other. It is an incredible story that will have you so engrossed with the characters that you feel you are on the ride with them.” ~Jennifer Ray, The Road to Romance

“FRENCH QUARTER is a very hot and steamy story. Ms. Alexander has created a wonderful story of a woman who is awakening to her true self and the full depth of her sexuality. Each incident is handled masterfully, with beautiful writing that draws the reader in, allowing you to feel every emotion Jack and Liz do. It is a perfectly crafted tale that is both extreme in its topics yet personal in its telling.” ~MeriBeth McCombs, The Road to Romance

“FRENCH QUARTER is a wonderful, explosive, erotic story from the first page to the last. New author Lacey Alexander has written an amazing debut novel that has blazing heat, mischievous exploration, and an inevitable fall into love. Don’t miss this extremely erotic story. It will definitely add some spice to your life.” ~Enya Adrian, Romance Reviews Today

“This story is as hot as its New Orleans location, and most importantly--the sex sizzles. Lacey Alexander has a crisp and refreshing writing style and … I especially enjoyed how she skillfully incorporates the FRENCH QUARTER into the story backdrop. If you've been to the FRENCH QUARTER you'll feel as if you're there again, and if you've never been there this will be your first trip. Anyone who reads this book will definitely want to read books two and three of the Hot In the City trilogy. Bravo, Ms. Alexander!” ~Angela Black, Sensual Romance

“Wow! Grab your laptop, buy a block of ice and make yourself comfortable. This book literally sizzles. I completely enjoyed FRENCH QUARTER and am now waiting most impatiently for SIN CITY, the second in the Hot in the City series. Don't miss this incredible novel!” ~Sharyn McGinty, In the Library Reviews

“This is one hot and electric story that sends the readers into overdrive from the beginning. FRENCH QUARTER by Lacey Alexander is extremely explicit, but also delicious. The self-discovery of Liz’ sexual side and Jack opening his heart are truly erotic and it was a hell of wild ride. Ms. Alexander’s depictions of New Orleans are seducing as well. The reader can feel the excitement of the people, the hot night air, the power of the streets and the seductive ambience that overtakes the reader’s senses and leaves one breathless!” ~Tracey, Sizzling Romances

“Raw, hot, sexy, and gives a thrill of the forbidden … done with real feeling and an amazing style … an extremely hot, satisfying, erotic romance.” ~Tara Black, The Romance Studio, 4 STARS

“This reviewer enjoyed Ms. Alexander’s wonderful novel about passion, lust, and sexual awakening. She made … New Orleans come alive … with provocative writing that ensnares the reader from the beginning. This reviewer recommends (this book) if you want a sultry, passionate romp through New Orleans’ FRENCH QUARTER.” ~Dawn, Love Romances

“Add a little bit of romance, a lot of steamy hot sex, and let's not forget a hunky hero, and (FRENCH QUARTER is) one terrific erotic story. Ms. Alexander has a way of bringing her characters to life; she knows how to … draw you into her world. This was my first book by Lacey Alexander, but it will not be the last.” ~Jill, Fallen Angel Reviews

“FRENCH QUARTER is a steamy read, and takes its readers on a wild sexual escapade. Jack made the perfect partner for Liz …he was a wonderful protector without being overbearing. A page turning read. I was engrossed from beginning to end. I look forward to reading Ms. Alexander’s next offering.” ~Sandi, A Romance Review

“Hot from the start and doesn't let up. If you enjoy an extremely steamy story this one is for you.” ~Emily Anne, Sensual Romance Reviews

“(A) steamy, spicy tale … sure to be a favored fantasy for a long, long time. Her characters are a delight to read and leave you begging for more. This one is going to be in my erotica library for quite some time.” ~Thia McClain, The Romance Readers Connection

“Prepare yourself for the swelteringly hot, erotic heat and the sizzlingly sultry humidity of the FRENCH QUARTER by Lacey Alexander. An incredibly fun and sexy story.” ~Christine, eCataRomance, 5 STARS

“This story felt so real … the characters felt emotions like they're supposed to be felt. FRENCH QUARTER is endearing and sweet, and promises to leave you with a smile. And maybe a lust to suddenly head to New Orleans to see what sort of fun you can stir up for yourself.” ~Marissa, Novelspot, 4 QUILLS

“A very sexy … erotic story with lots of New Orleans feeling.” ~Susanne, Mon-Boudoir

“This story was HOT! I couldn't put it down. (FRENCH QUARTER) will fulfill your wildest dreams!” ~Nicole, Enchanted in Romance, 4 1/2 UNICORNS

"French Quarter had me captivated from the first page! Erotic writing that is sensuous, believable, and refreshing." ~ Blackraven's Reviews, 4.5 RAVENS