The Sexy Secretary


The Sexbook Chronicles
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This was the most erotic book I’ve read to date.
— Fiction Vixen Book Reviews on Bad Girl By Night, H.O.T. Cops: book 1

the sexy secretary

Welcome to the age of sexual media...

The things I would do to you… Tiffany knows she shouldn’t be checking her Sexbook account from the office, but she needs something to distract herself from fantasizing about David, her charming, sexy, and surely too-professional-to-bend-his-secretary-over-his-desk-and-take-her boss. The chiseled, seductive stranger who’s sending her messages gets her just as worked up, and yet seems equally out of reach. But when his messages inspire her to show a new side of herself in the office—and take the naughty pictures to prove it—will David finally catch on to what a sexy secretary she can be?  


Book Note

The Sexbook Chronicles series includes three books so far: Roadside Seduction, A Passionate Picnic, and The Sexy Secretary. The stories are set in the same world but can be read in any order.


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