Seductress of Caralon


Brides of Caralon
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Totally erotic and decadent!
— Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies, on Carnal Sacrifice

seductress of caralon

When Jalal's father sends her to seduce a powerful warrior set on invading his domain, she's nervous but committed. Only when she sees Enrick the Attacker does she realize her work might not be all that unpleasant. Yet Enrick recognizes the young beauty for what she is - a seductress set on foiling his plans. His response? Tease her, arouse her, make her want him more than she's ever wanted anything before - and then withdraw his affections until she admits the truth. A battle is about to ensue in Enrick's tent tonight.

Book Notes

  • Be sure to check out the other books in this series: Rituals of Passion, Master of Desire, and Carnal Sacrifice.
  • Lacey got the idea for the Brides of Caralon series after her editor challenged her to write a futuristic story. As a result, she wrote four of them and thoroughly enjoyed the departure from her usual contemporary settings.


"Lacey Alexander’s new series starts off with a wild and sexy bang. Ms. Alexander writes with wit and passion. By creating a wonderful back story, she sets the stage for a captivating ride. Creating characters that will tease, torment and enthrall the reader, Ms. Alexander is a gifted storyteller. Her erotic sex scenes will have the reader wanting a cold shower. SEDUCTRESS OF CARALON is a wonderful start to this bright new series and will mesmerize the reader!” ~Dawn, Love Romances

“A highly erotic love story … Lacey Alexander shows true talent in her ability to snare the reader from page one. The setting and love scenes were deftly described, and I enjoyed myself immensely with this thrilling journey. If hot and heavy romance is your cup of tea, then SEDUCTRESS OF CARALON will certainly appease your appetite!” ~BJ Deese, eCataRomance

“This lively tale... was delicious and fulfilled any immediate need I had for something naughty but definitely nice. I definitely recommend it for those who love a stimulating and precise romance.” ~Rachelle, Enchanted in Romance, 4 UNICORNS

“A powerfully erotic story! This … fast paced story is sure to please everyone. I’ll be
looking forward to reading more about this new and exciting world (Alexander) has created.” ~Vikki, A Romance Review

“A hot love story, mixed with intrigue. The reader will enjoy every page of this short story and wish it were much longer. Lacey Alexander knows how to write a sexy story. ~Candy, Coffee Time Romances, 5 CUPS

“SEDUCTRESS OF CARALON is … heavy on the sexual chemistry … hot and inventive. It will be interesting to see how (the series) develops!” ~Ann Lee, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“The sex scenes are intense! For a quick, fun read, check out SEDUCTRESS OF CARALON.” ~Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

“Lacey Alexander invites you to her raw, passionate world of 3565 A.D. in (this) steamy Ellora's Cave Quickie.” ~Tracy Marsac, Romance Junkies, 4 BLUE RIBBONS

“An engrossing, steamy tale ... sizzling, arousing. I eagerly anticipate the next book in the Brides of Caralon series.” ~Dena, Fallen Angel Reviews, 5 ANGELS