Rituals of Passion


Brides of Caralon
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Fabulous! Scorching desire!
— Raven Jackman, Romance Junkies, on Rituals of Passion

Rituals of Passion

When Maven, the eldest daughter of Caralon's mighty ruler, is given in marriage to the fearsome Dane of Rawley, she's horrified. Bad enough that she should be any man's possession, but she's heard the dreadful tales about Dane, tales of force and brutality. She goes into the marriage refusing to submit to him in any way—the only problem is, the sensuously forceful Dane demands her submission, especially in his bed, and he's determined to get it.

As Maven begins to clash with the Beast of Rawley, she needs all her wits about her to win their erotic battle for control.

Book Notes

  • Be sure to check out the other books in this series:Seductress of Caralon, Master of Desire, and Carnal Sacrifice.
  • Lacey got the idea for the Brides of Caralon series after her editor challenged her to write a futuristic story. As a result, she wrote four of them and thoroughly enjoyed the departure from her usual contemporary settings.


"(A) tale … that will keep the reader entertained, as well as on the edge of their seat! At times humorous, as well as so seductively erotic. Ms. Alexander’s descriptive and lyrical writing tantalized as well as mesmerized this reader from beginning to end. A captivating story.” ~Dawn, Love Romances, 5 HEARTS

“The sex is sweltering! With an intriguing plot and wit to spare, RITUALS OF PASSION is a definite read for any fan of romance. Be sure not to miss it!” ~Raven Jackman, Romance Junkies, 4 BLUE RIBBONS

“Explosive passion (and) a sexy Alpha male lead coupled with an equally strong and sexual female lead sets sparks flying off the pages from the very beginning. All elements come together perfectly, creating a fluent story with a great plot, heated sexual encounters, and the beginning of a strong and enduring love. Lacey Alexander knows how to hook a reader, and RITUALS OF PASSION is an excellent example of her talented and imaginative stories.” ~Sarah, Fallen Angels Reviews, 5 ANGELS

“Fabulous! Scorching desire! A great follow-up to the Seductress of Caralon and I can't wait to see what the next installment to the brides series will contribute.” ~Angel, Enchanted in Romance, 4 UNICORNS

“Not for the faint of heart; the passion is intense. Erotic readers will get a jolt out of this story and some very intense love scenes to boot. Readers who like in your face lust and passion will want to give this book a go.” ~Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio, 4 HEARTS

"Utterly fascinating! Ms. Alexander has written yet another wonderful book ... with (a) sexier
than sin (hero). Rituals of Passion is a terrific read!" ~Susan White, Coffee Time Romance, 5 CUPS

"(This) well written, well paced, scorching book ... is the first in what promises to be a deliciously, erotic series." ~Luisa, Cupid's Library Reviews, 5 CUPIDS

"With one steamy scene after another … Lacey Alexander adds a very satisfying ending to her erotic read." ~Holly, Euro-Reviews

"A clash of wills meets inescapable desire, leading to … very sensual scenes. An appealing book!" ~Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

"Unexpected and tantalizing … will truly get the reader's blood pumping. A rollercoaster of emotions. I cannot wait for the next installment of this series." ~Candy, eCataromance, 5 STARS