Party of Three

H.O.T. Cops Series, book 2
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This was the most erotic book I’ve read to date.
— Fiction Vixen Book Reviews on Bad Girl By Night, H.O.T. Cops: book 1


One man's putting her first…
Mira Adams knows she has a great guy in long-time lover Ethan West – he's smart, handsome, and sexy as hell. And she's always been respectful of Ethan's work – his law enforcement training with the H.O.T. team has led him on an admirable path of aiding the disenfranchised. Yet over time she's begun to fear that she'll always come in second to his career.

Another man's returning from her past…
To prove otherwise, Ethan has planned a very special weekend getaway for her birthday. His gift is Rogan Wolfe, Mira's old flame and one of his friends from the H.O.T. unit, who's more than happy to make Mira's deepest fantasy come true—to be shared by two men devoted only to her pleasure.

The party of three is just getting started…
Where Ethan is caring and well-meaning, encouraging Mira to explore her sexuality, Rogan is irresistibly bad to the bone, soon pushing her to expand her erotic limits in new and outrageous ways. Yet falling for Rogan all over again is one boundary she never imagined she'd cross. And submitting to this desire could change everything.

Book Notes

  • Did you know that Publisher’s Weekly recommended Party of Three as an alternative to 50 Shades of Grey?
  • The H.O.T. Cops series includes three books: Give in to Me, Party of Three and Bad Girl By Night


"This is the second in Alexander's H.O.T Cops series and the action is just that – hot. But it's also about the core relationship (as) these lovers uncover (unexpected) emotions. The sex is frequent and satisfying!" ~Jacqui McGugins,Romantic Times Reviews, 4 ½ STARS

“Party of Three reinforces my love for Lacey Alexander’s writing. What she writes is scorching hot and the emotions in her books go bone deep. This was an erotic roller coaster ride of delectable kink, and I’m dying to read the next book in the series.” ~Lindy, TwoLips Reviews, 5 LIPS, Recommended Reads

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