Adrianna's Undies


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Lacey Alexander is the queen of ‘romantic kink’!
— Jennifer Ray, Wild on Books, on THE BIKINI DIARIES


Adrianna Kline has the world at her feet. As the CEO of a major lingerie corporation bearing her name, and a long history as a sexually independent woman, she runs her life on her own terms. Until, that is, Tristan Locke shows up in her office. Adrianna's first and only love, Tristan is now in the business of corporate takeovers and he has his eye on Adrianna, Inc. But he's prepared to negotiate. How can Adrianna save her company? By becoming Tristan's willing sex slave for a night, submitting to his every whim.

Tristan knows that asking Adrianna to be sexually subservient is like asking her to stop breathing. Her need to control everything in her life, including the sex, contributed to their original break up. But even fifteen years later, taming Adrianna is still on his mind. Can commanding and formidable Tristan bend Adrianna to his will once and for all? Or will this night of erotic exploration turn into the ultimate struggle for power?

Book Notes

  • Readers first met adventurous Adrianna Kline in Lacey's book, Sin City.
  • This is the fourth book Lacey has set in Las Vegas - in this case, because the main character already resides there in an earlier book.


“Lacey Alexander has a way of making her heroines strong and capable while maintaining ultra femininity. Her heroes are rogues of the best sort. Love scenes go far beyond being simply heated and are a match for even the most vivid of imaginations. I feel confident in giving ADRIANNA’S UNDIES a high recommendation for readers who enjoy erotic romance.” ~Laurie Damron, Romance Junkies, 4 BLUE RIBBONS

“A wickedly erotic tale from beginning to end, Adrianna’s Undies is not to be missed!” ~Shayna, Joyfully Reviewed

“Sensual is not a powerful enough adjective for this book. Lacey Alexander gives us a wonderful blend of romance and sex that will have the reader begging for more!” ~Thia McClain, The Romance Reader’s Connection

“Lacey Alexander never fails to deliver heart-stopping passion! I loved how the author makes the reader feel what Adrianna and Tristan are thinking and doing. The emotion between the two is incendiary! That's what makes this story so unforgettable!” ~Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio, 4 ½ HEARTS

“(A) well written erotic romp through the world of dominance and submission. The love scenes are smokin' and the ending is absolutely touching. Ms. Alexander is a great writer and as always delivers a great story.” ~Valerie, Manic Readers